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Members of the Foundation Board

The members of the Foundation Board are:

  • Carolyn Olsburgh Lacerda Soares, sister of Dr. Olsburgh, lawyer in Geneva (President of the Foundation Board);

  • Dr Carlos Suarez, friend of Dr Olsburgh and specialist in orthodontics in Lausanne;

  • Rodrigo Lacerda Soares, friend and brother-in-law of Dr. Olsburgh, active in finance; and

  • Prof. Dr. Glenn T. Sameshima (honorary member), Chair, Program Director and Clinic Director of the Graduate Program in Orthodontics at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, United States (USC).









Hand in hand, with their complementary professional backgrounds, the members of the Foundation Board are working to ensure that Dr. Olsburgh's wishes are respected and that his name is perpetuated on in the field of orthodontics, which he loved so much and in which he excelled.

Following the Opening Conference of the Olsburgh Smile Foundation of 15.12.2023, which was a great success, Prof. Sameshima honored us by accepting to join the Foundation Board as an honorary member.

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