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Passionate about his profession as an orthodontist and driven by his kindness, his goodwill towards patients and his generosity, Dr. Steven Olsburgh wanted to contribute in the long term to improving the quality of orthodontic care and promote access to such care in Switzerland.

It was for this purpose that he set up a foundation shortly before his death: the OLSBURGH SMILE FOUNDATION.

Social purpose

To achieve its purpose, the Foundation may in particular:

1. Contribute to the training of orthodontic specialists, postgraduates in orthodontics and staff working or wishing to work in orthodontic practices;

2. Recognize and encourage clinical excellence in orthodontics and related research, for example by awarding prizes;

3. Offer scholarships, student loans and other assistance to students who wish to become specialists in orthodontics but are unable to finance their training;

4. Provide scholarships, research loans and other assistance to orthodontic postgraduates and orthodontic specialists; and

5. Contribute to the cost of orthodontic treatment for patients with significant orthodontic needs but who are unable to access such treatment due to unfavourable financial circumstances and/or special conditions.

The Foundation may establish partnerships with universities, training centers or other institutions, in Switzerland and abroad.

The Foundation is not for profit and does not seek to make any financial gain.


The Bylaws  (French original version) are available by clicking here.


Charitable status and supervision

The Foundation has been recognized as a charitable, public utility institution by the tax authorities and is tax-exempt ( the tax decision is available here).

It is supervised by the Federal Department of the Home Affairs (Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations).

Members of the Foundation Board

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