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Members of the Foundation Board

The members of the Foundation Board are:

- Carolyn Olsburgh Lacerda Soares, sister of Dr. Olsburgh, lawyer in Geneva (President of the Foundation Board);

- Dr Carlos Suarez, friend of Dr Olsburgh and specialist in orthodontics in Lausanne; and

- Rodrigo Lacerda Soares, friend and brother-in-law of Dr. Olsburgh, active in finance.

Hand in hand, with their complementary professional backgrounds, the three members of the Foundation Board are working to ensure that Dr. Olsburgh's wishes are respected and that his name is perpetuated on in the field of orthodontics, which he loved so much and in which he excelled.

“To Give Life a More Beautiful Smile”. This is the Foundation’s slogan.


Orthodontics rectifies malpositioned jaws and teeth for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Not only is the patient's health at stake, but also their self-confidence and self-esteem. Numerous testimonials from former patients have highlighted the importance of orthodontic treatment for their well-being and self-image.


“Thanks to Dr. Olsburgh, my son smiled again” (a patient’s parent)


“Dr. Olsburgh helped me regain my confidence with my smile” (a patient)


The quality of orthodontic care and access to it were at the heart of Dr Olsburgh's concerns when he set up the Foundation.


To help make this happen, the Foundation needs your help. Whatever the amount of your donation, your support is very valuable. You can make a donation by bank transfer or by using the QR-code below:

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