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“No one who knew Steven could ever forget him with his infectious big smile, his politeness, and his passion for orthodontics.   He returned to the US annually to attend the AAO meeting where we would usually meet him.  Steven was an excellent resident and skilled clinician.  He was particularly interested in ortho perio.

His thesis won the prestigious Thomas Graber award for the most outstanding research by a resident in North America, which he presented at the AAO meeting in 2004. 

Steven was very successful but his personality never changed and it was always a joy to see him”.


Prof. Glenn T. Sameshima, University of Southern California



“I’ve never met a finer person than him: his humor, optimism and relationship with his patients meant that even the most arduous sessions were not dreaded, and confidence in him was total”.


A patient



“Thanks to Dr. Olsburgh, my son smiled again. Dr. Olsburgh was kind, good, in addition to being an exceptional orthodontist”.


A patient’s parent



“Dr. Olsburgh helped me regain my confidence with my smile, and his good humor made the dentist a pleasant place where I felt comfortable thanks to him”.


A patient



“With seriousness, kindness and caring, Dr. Olsburgh took all my children's apprehension away from the orthodontist. He was always cheerful, patient and so passionate about his profession”.


A patient’s parent



“He was such a respectful, endearing and caring man. His humanity will always shine through in all of us”.


Lab technician



“Dr. Olsburgh was a competent colleague and committed to professional politics, which was very generous of him”.


A dentist

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